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Scraping Therapy Singapore

What is Scraping Therapy?

The Gua Sha Scraping Therapy is a form of ancient Chinese therapy. The Gua Sha Scraping Therapy involves the use of alternative methods of massage to aid the relief of pain and fatigue. One of the reasons why scraping therapy is effective is because massage is such an awesome procedure. It improves blockages in the body and allows free flow of blood. This happens because the process imitates sweating to help promote circulation of body fluid. This, in turn regulates cellular metabolic processes and releases toxic waste from cellular tissues. It also assists in the oxidization of cells and nourishment.

Why Should I Experience The Scraping Therapy?

The therapy is easily beneficial in a number of situations. Apart from being proven to be beneficial to the health of individuals who are frequent patrons of the service, Gua Sha is also a great way to relieve stress and get observe troublesome or potential areas of worry in the body. In addition, this helps to keep the blood within the body fresh by ensuring the movement of dead blood cells. The scraping also ensures that areas of the body get oxidized blood.

How Does the Therapy Work?

Before the massage actually begins, the skin is rubbed with lubricants. The skin is then scraped by the professionals with special instruments such as ox horn, jade and in some situations, special caps. The strokes are either long or short depending on the practitioner and the surface area that is being massaged. However, all strokes are made in the same direction always and may be lighter or more intense depending on the affected tissue.

Where Can I Experience This Therapy?

The Gua Sha treatment is now easily available for you to experience at the Kuko beauty here in Singapore. Experience the best Gua Sha treatments for the back, neck and other body parts at the hands of our experienced professional.

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