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Scraping Treatment Singapore

What is Scraping Treatment?

Scraping treatment is a form of traditional Chinese medicine called guasha. In recent times, the practice has become more and more popular as a form of treatment therapy. Individuals who suffer from chronic muscle pain and dull body aches can get relief from it.

The practice of scraping treatment helps to improve blood circulation. It also aids the alleviation of deep muscle aches and pains.

Why Do I Need Scraping Treatment?

Getting a scraping treatment will ensure improved lymph drainage and blood circulation. This means an improved nutrient and oxygen supply to starved areas.

This practice helps with conditions like bronchitis, flu and even common colds. Scraping treatment therapy helps considerably in relief and healing of all these conditions.

How Does The Treatment Work?

The procedure involves lubricating the affected area with a suitable oil. In other situations, lubrication is all-round. The professionals then proceed to scrape the body with special blunted instruments. These instruments could be from ox horn, jade or rose quartz.

The gua sha expert angles the instrument to the body at 30-degrees and begins to body-scrape. Longer strokes favor wider areas. While shorter deeper scrapes favors deep muscle areas.

Where Can I get This Treatment?

Scraping therapy is available in Singapore now at the Kuko Beauty. Allow our professionals apply expertise to relieve you of fatigue and all pains. Kuko Beauty also covers other services such as  hair removal, nail treatment, and facial treatment.. Contact us today and let our experts help you out.

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