Permanent Hair Removal For India Skin

Permanent Hair Removal For India Skin Singapore

Permanent hair removal for Indian skin isn’t as effective as they’d be in other ethnic subgroups. This is because when it comes to thickness, strength, shine, and smoothness, data proves that Indian hair takes the shine.

Ordinarily, this is an awesome thing, but what about hair in unwanted regions?

What was initially a good thing is why permanent hair removal for Indian skin isn’t particularly as effective.

Also, unlike other subgroups with uniformity in skin color, Indians have a wide variety of skin tones. This is why early laser treatments for Indian skin proved ineffective as they were largely dependent on melanin.

Still, the laser treatments that seemed to work needed repeat sessions and each session was quite painful.

Head Of SHR?

SHR uses laser principles to deliver low heat energy to destroy hair follicles. Because it uses low heat, it is pain-free! Treatment simply involves rubbing a probe over the affected area for a period of 10-15 minutes.

How Man SHR Sessions Do I Need For Desired Results?

To ensure permanent hair removal, you will need around 4-6 sessions over four-week intervals. This is to ensure all hair strands at their different growth stages are completely taken off.

Is SHR Suitable For All Skin Tones?

Because of the reason stated above, SHR is suitable for all skin tones and colors. It is also an absolutely painless hair removal method.

SHR, super hair removal procedure evenly distributes low amounts of heat across skin & melanin media. This makes it very skin-safe.

Is SHR Suitable For All Body Parts?

SHR, super hair removal uses low heat, thus, it is completely safe to use on the most sensitive regions like the face, eyebrows, nose, upper lip and even pubic region.

If you don’t want hair there, SHR is a painless permanent option for complete hair removal. We at Kuko Beauty are available to give you these services!

Should I Expect Any Risks Or Side Effects?

Generally speaking, SHR is a painless procedure with little to no side effects. However, in very rare cases, there might be slight redness of the skin. This doesn’t call for panic as it only shows that the treatment was effective and it disappears in a short while.

What To Expect At Kuko Beauty?

We would typically advise you to leave hair at the area of concern intact. This is so we can do accurate diagnosis during consultations. Also, we will do a patch test to determine suitability for your skin type.

We have SHR-proficient staff so you’re sure we can provide the exact service you want.

At Kuko Beauty, we understand the variations in Indian skin.

We have just the right practices for permanent hair removal for Indian skin. Call 6634-8255 to inquire.

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