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About Ms AiLi

Our Founder, Ms. AiLi, has served as the director with the Beijing branch of Alhambra Beauty College (originated from USA) and had 5 years of teaching and research experience. After that stint, she set up and managed Kuko in China for 10 years where she developed an advanced and proprietary technique for nail care which is not currently available in Singapore.

Co-Founder of Kuko Beauty

About Mdm Angela Wang

Mdm Angela Wang, born in 1980 is an Indonesian Chinese and has an MBA from Tsinghua University.She is a lady of gentle character, who likes to experience life and taste philosophy. Her life is hard and rich, now she is general manager of Jakarta xxx company.

The company is a fast growing enterprise integrating research and develops high-end skin care and related products. The Spirit of company: people need faith, enterprise need spirit, the process of management, development and management need to guide and control our behavior value idea.

Co-Founder of Kuko Beauty