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Gua Sha Muscle Therapy Singapore

What is the Gua Sha Muscle Therapy?

Gua Sha muscle therapy is a treatment therapy that makes use of specially crafted instruments to reduce blood stagnation. It also increases the circulation of the flow of blood within the body.

Gua sha muscle therapy has been proven to relieve fatigue and also cure several illnesses. It is appropriate for bodybuilders who may have suffered some severe trauma while practicing their craft.

Generally, anyone suffering from deep muscle pains and aches can find relief with the Gua sha muscle therapy.

How Is The Gua Sha Muscle Therapy Performed?

Gua Sha Muscle Therapy involves experts making use of certain special instruments in massaging the skin. The scraping therapy is dependent on the nature of the affected area.

For deeper areas, short strokes are applied. These areas are usually the neck and leg areas. Longer strokes are applied to larger areas that may be affected.

The muscle scraping therapy when applied gives a bleeding sensation but no actual bleeding occurs.

Where Can I Get The Gua Sha Muscle Therapy?

The Gua Sha muscle scraping therapy is available for all clients in Singapore at the Kuko Beauty.

We also offer neck massages, back massage, shoulder, and arm massages. There is no longer any need to manage pain or be unhealthy. Contact us today and let our experts help you out.

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