Laser Hair Removal For Indian Skin

Laser Hair Removal For Indian Skin Singapore

Laser hair removal is fast becoming the most preferred option for permanent hair removal. One thing, however, is, it is color-dependent.

A typical laser procedure uses heat to kill hair follicle cells. On the skin of a darker person, a laser will target the melanin in their hair cells. Just as a dark cloth absorbs heat, the melanin absorbs more heat than it should. Resultantly, this could damage both the dark skin and other nearby tissues.

The Indian skin has a wide range of colors from very dark to pallid white. Though these differences can be attributed to genetic differences in various individuals, it means most regular laser treatments will not work. In other words, a treatment that includes all skin types and colors is important.

The SHR Alternative For Indian Skin

More recently, a revolutionary laser hair removal method is garnering attention. This is the SHR. The SHR uses low heat to kill off hair follicles at their various stages of growth.

Unlike early laser treatments, SHR targets melanotic hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin area. Also, because of the use of very little heat, there is no problem of scarring or skin burns.

SHR Vs Other Laser Tech For Indian Skin

Follicular arrangement in Indians is quite different from what is normally obtainable. This is due to narrower space between hair cuticle cells.

Invariably, this means more hair follicles per surface area. More hair follicles translate to thicker, lusher and stronger hair. This is exactly why previous laser hair removal methods have failed to effectively tackle hair removal in Indians.

The SHR procedure, however, distributes equal heat energy across many follicles at the same time. This means that no hair follicle is left out of the destruction process. The SHR on Indian skin also has more long-term benefits compared to other laser hair removal methods.

Are There Any Side Effects?

SHR is a painless procedure with no side effects and we would recommend this to anyone!

Though in very rare cases, you might experience mild skin redness but that fades off in a few days

When Is The Best Time To Do The Treatment?

The best time to undergo this procedure is when the hair is in its active growth stage. This is because this is exactly when hair melanin concentration is the highest. This means that heat can efficiently be transported down to the follicles to kill them off.

How Many SHR Sessions Do I Need For Desired Results?

To ensure permanent hair removal, you will need around 4-6 sessions over four-week intervals. This is to ensure all hair strands at their different growth stages are completely taken off.

Is SHR Suitable For All Skin Tones?

SHR is suitable for all skin tones and colors. It is also an absolutely painless hair removal method.

The SHR procedure evenly distributes low amounts of heat across skin & melanin media. This makes it very skin-safe.

With more influx of Indians in Singapore, Kuko Beauty makes effective permanent hair removal available to you. Our latest SHR technology ensures permanent hair removal for ALL skin tones! We also have special permanent hair removal for indian skin.

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