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Ingrown Nail Specialist Singapore

Do you have an Ingrown Nail Condition? Are you looking for an Ingrown Nail Specialist? There is good news. You do not need to search anymore. Kuko Beauty is here. Kuko Beauty is an Ingrown Nail Specialist that specifically provide the best treatment for an ingrown nail that can relieve you without surgery. Yes, without surgery and without pain.

Kuko Beauty experts are the first and only Ingrown Nail Specialists in Singapore. We have the necessary expert knowledge and skill to carry out treatment on an ingrown nail. Although Kuko Beauty is the only one in Singapore that offers this amazing treatment, this method is not new. In fact, it is already in use all around the world with people having their ingrown nails cured without clinical surgery.

How We Do It At Kuko Beauty?

At first, there is an examination of the affected nail for assessment. Afterward, the ingrown nail is carefully removed with care to ensure a painless procedure. Then,  there is the cleaning of the affected toe with an antiseptic. This is to completely eliminate the chances of having an infection in the toe. Finally, a mould is thereafter used to treat the toe to guide the future growth of the nail. This prevents the subsequent occurrence of an ingrown nail condition. The process is as simple and easy as it sounds. More importantly, you will immediately be able to leave and carry on your daily activities without discomfort.

Duration For Treatment

The duration of the entire treatment and process will depend on the individual. Specifically, the entire treatment may need 6 to 12 sessions to achieve full and permanent. It also depends on individual condition, results might vary.

Benefits Of Ingrown Nail Treatment

  • A surgical procedure is not needed
  • It is absolutely natural
  • It requires no medication

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We are an Ingrown Nail Specialist in Singapore. We have a special in-house treatment for ingrown toenail that has no pain at all. Call to inquire about us now. We give the best treatment for ingrown nail cure that can relieve your pain in no time. Call 6634-8255 to book an appointment. Also, Kuko Beauty covers other services such as cellulite removal, hair removal, nail treatment, and facial treatment.

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