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Gua Sha Therapy Singapore

What is Gua Sha Therapy?

The Gua Sha Therapy is an ancient Chinese medical therapy. It involves intense scraping with special instruments to produce a light skin bruising. The therapy eliminates blood stagnation. It also aids blood circulation and even mimics sweating to an extent.

How Is The Therapy Performed?

A lubricant is first applied to the body areas that will be massaged. After lubrication, the professional scrapes the body using special instruments made of either jade, ox horn or bone.

Pressure application depends on if the affected area is a surface or deep tissue problem. Shorter more intense strokes go to deeper areas that are affected. While longer strokes are applied to larger affected areas.

The procedure gives the impression of bleeding. However, there’s no actual blood. Clients may experience heightened sensitivity in the massaged areas.

This therapy produces an intense bruising which may last for a few hours or a few days. However, all will heal and clients will enjoy the effects of the therapy.

Where Can I Experience the Therapy?

The Gua Sha Therapy is available for clients in Singapore now at the Kuko Beauty. Experience professional Gua Sha Treatment from our massage therapists today. Gua Sha is also available for facials, neck, back, shoulders, arms and a variety of other body parts.

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