Gua Sha Stomach

Gua Sha Stomach Treatment Singapore

What is The Gua Sha Stomach Treatment?

Gua Sha stomach treatment is an ancient Chinese form of massage therapy . It focuses on relieving fatigue and increasing blood circulation in the body. The practice of Gua Sha is a common form of Chinese traditional medicine. Gua sha treatments are believed to have medicinal properties believed to help cure ailments such as flu, asthma in addition to providing long-term relief for aches and pains in the body.

How Does The Gua Sha Stomach Treatment Help?

Tired of having a little bit too much fat in your midsection? Are you looking for the perfect body to match your great outfits? The Gua sha treatment may be what you are looking for. The Gua Sha stomach treatment is believed to have a significant effect on weight loss in the thighs and belly area.

But why pick Gua Sha treatment over hitting the gym. While scraping to achieve weight loss the stomach area is scraped in order to flush out toxins or any other fats that may be contained within the area.  The Gua Sha treatment is healthy in addition to it being able to help with weight loss. Gua Sha aids in the circulation of blood around the body. In addition to its weight loss benefits, the Gua Sha Stomach treatment also possesses health benefits. Gua Sha helps with blood circulation and prevents the blood in the body from  being stagnant this in addition also reduces fatigue and stress.

Where Can I Access This Treatment?

Gua sha treatment from our professionals is available at the Kuko Beauty in Singapore. This is however not the only Gua Sha service we offer. Whatever aches pains or affected body areas that you need to be handled, our professionals are more than capable to handle at affordable rates.

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