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Gau Sha Slimming Singapore

Most people are not for weight loss programs and treatment. I would choose to eat healthy and workout sessions anytime and any day over weight loss programs and treatment. It is true women like to feel appreciated and accepted with their body. But it is a bit difficult to balance the want to have a great and radiant body and skin and consequences of growth. The offending bulge on the waist, stomach, thighs could be frustrating. The thought of having to live with the flabs in certain areas is definitely worrisome.

Well, there is no need to worry or get frustrated anymore. Gua Sha Slimming suits your need by providing a natural and safe way for slimming and losing out the excess and unnecessary fats. Gua sha slimming treatment in Singapore brings the solution.

How it works:

By old practice, a spoon is used to scratch the skin surface. However, in modern practice, a hand-held tool having rounded edges is used by therapists. For easy movement and glide of the tool over the skin surface, the area is oiled. This also prevents friction as much as possible.

The therapist slightly scrapes the spoon-like on the body surface smoothly in a direction. This improves surface adhesion breakage, improves blood circulation, skin tone. Overall, this gives the body a smooth and more radiant appearance.

Benefits of Gua Sha

The benefits of Gua Sha includes a cut down in cellulite, helps in improving weight loss and slimming and boosts daily energy level. This is a highly natural and safe method for slimming.

Next Step?

Have your skin looking radiant and perfect with Gua Sha Cellulite.  Gua Sha Cellulite in Singapore can help you with Gua Sha Cellulite in giving you the best natural slimming treatment. Make your skin look radiant and attractive. Contact Kuko Beauty for your Gua Sha today for your Gua sha massage cellulite in Singapore. Experience our signature Gua Sha treatment that gives effective slimming results. Call 6634-8255 to make an appointment.

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