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Gua Sha Singapore

What Is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is an ancient traditional Chinese massage therapy. Gua means “scraping” while Sha means “sand” which refers to the state of the skin after the procedure is completed. The practice involves the skin being scraped with special instruments. These are usually made from either ox horn, jade or special caps and covers.

The Gua Sha practice ensures that there is proper blood circulation in the body. The practice is also proven to help with fatigue and stress relief. In addition, the process has long-term pain relief benefits

How Is Gua Sha Performed?

Going to a trained expert for Gua Sha Treatment is important.

First, the body is well lubricated before the scraping begins. This is followed by an expert performing skin-scraping in measured strokes until a petechiae appears. A petechiae refers to the light bruising of the skin which tends to look like blood spotted dots.

This mini-haemorrhage stimulates blood circulation to the affected area. In addition, the Petechiae also helps indicate areas which may be potential trouble areas. This is done by reading the shade of bruising.

What Are The Benefits Of Gua Sha Treatment?

Gua Sha is believed to play a significant part in pain relief, especially deep muscle aches and pains.

The therapy is also believed to be helpful in curing ailments like asthma, flu, and bronchitis.

The petechiae realized by this treatment also helps to identify blood pressure levels and indicate illnesses. In essence, the Gua Sha treatment with multiple ailments.

Where Can I Enjoy This Treatment?

Gua Sha treatment is available at Kuko Beauty in Singapore. Our team of experts is always ready to offer you the best Gua Sha treatment.

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