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Gua Sha Shoulder Treatment Singapore

What Is Gua Sha Treatment?

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese treatment therapy that uses a flat tool to scrape a particular area of the body. This creates a light bruising which ultimately leads to fatigue-relief. The Gua Sha Shoulder Treatment involves light or intense scraping done to relieve shoulder pains.

Suffering From Shoulder Aches?

Shoulder aches may often occur as a result of sports injuries or the strain on a particular limb. It could be in the course of an accident or stress from daily activities.

Whatever the case may be, a sprained shoulder or a shoulder ache is nothing that anyone wants to manage. Naturally, people subscribe to different methods to get relief from the constant pain.

Individuals may make use of painkillers which only provide temporary relief. Other individuals resort to physiotherapy and massage experts. While these are legitimate proven sources of relief, the Gua Sha treatment is about as effective if not more.  

How Does The Treatment Work?

The Gua Sha Shoulder Treatment is a simple and straightforward treatment. During the Gua Sha treatment, a specialized professional makes use of Gua Sha tools. These tools are usually made from ox horn or jade.

Gua sha professionals use this tool to break tough knots or painful areas in the muscle tissue. Short deep scrapes are applied to the affected area with the sole aim of accessing deep-tissue muscle in the body.

The Gua Sha treatment for shoulders has been proven to be effective in treatment of pain and muscle fatigue.

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