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Gua Sha Scraping Singapore

What Is Gua Sha Scraping Treatment?

Gua Sha Scraping is a traditional East Asian medical practice. It stimulates blood and nutrient flow to stagnated areas. Scraping therapy also helps to reduce fatigue and is a great form of long-term stress relief.

The therapy can sometimes look painful and bizarre to first-timers. However, how it looks is far different from how it feels.  The therapy may itself cause some minor discomfort to clients.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Gua Sha therapists make use of jade, horn or crystal tools when applying the treatment. The treatment involves scraping with either long or short strokes. This is dependent on the intensity of the treatment and the body part on which the treatment is being received.

Traditional Gua Sha tends to be more vigorous in its application than the newer methods of Gua Sha scraping. Gua Sha face scraping is another form of the Gua Sha treatment. This involves less vigorous application with professionals focused on being gentle and light. Shorter and more measured strokes along the eyes and the length of the face. The is because shorter strokes help to relieve areas where there may be a build up of stress or where facial muscles might have bunched up.

Experts take special care and attention when performing this therapy along meridian lines of the body.

Where Can I Get The Gua Sha Treatment?

The Gua Sha treatment whether desired to be vigorous or gentle is available for all clients at Kuko Beauty in Singapore.

Premium Gua Sha Scraping services are available to all at fair prices and with guaranteed comfort and satisfaction.

Contact us today and let our experts help you out.

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