Gua Sha Massage Singapore

What is the Gua Sha Therapy?

The Gua Sha Massage is an ancient traditional Chinese medical practice. Recently, Gua Sha practice has experienced a rise in popularity. This is because of its effectiveness in keeping the body healthy. One way it achieves this is by improving blood circulation .

How Does Treatment Work?

The Gua Sha Massage is done by a Gua Aha professional. These professionals make use of special tools to apply the massage.

The massage starts out with the massage experts applying lubricant to the body. After application, a Gua Sha tool made from either ox horn, bone or jade is used to scrape the skin.

The skin scraping practice is systematic in its application. Long wide strokes are specific to larger areas of the body. Shorter, deeper strokes go to areas of the body where deep muscle therapy is necessary. For example, areas such as the neck region need shorter strokes while areas like the back are massaged with longer strokes.

What Are Benefits Of The Therapy?

Research proves gua sha massage has considerable health benefits. The first obvious benefit of the massage is blood circulation.

Another benefit of the massage is the relief of fatigue. The massage practice is a great means of stress relief. The treatment also serves as a good illness-indicator. This is particularly invaluable in cases where the client doesn’t even know he has an illness.

Where Can I Experience This Treatment?

Gua Sha massage is available in Singapore now at the Kuko Beauty.

We also offer other beneficial therapies to our clients. Come to our salon and experience the best of beauty treatment. Contact us today and let our experts help you out.

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