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Gua Sha Leg Massage Singapore

What is Gua Sha Leg Massage?

Gua sha is an old art of body massage. It is on its own a form of therapy. Gua sha leg massage is an ancient Chinese practice of scraping the body as a form of massage. The therapy involves the scraping the skin in measured strokes to improve blood circulation. And to loosen tightened muscles and energy. The Gua Sha treatment is proven to be relaxing and to greatly ease fatigue. However, Gua Sha is also an invaluable asset as far as relieving pain is concerned.

Gua Sha Leg Therapy

The muscles of the leg are continually under strain, walking running exercising and day to day activities put our legs on strain and so naturally any prolonged activity builds up stress within the legs. Oftentimes this stress develops into aches, sharp pains and such. Sourcing for relief for these pains leads to the use of painkillers and massage therapists. An alternative method of pain relief is the Gua sha treatment.

How Does Gua Sha Leg Therapy Help?

The Gua Sha leg massage has been tested and proved to release lactic acid contained in the muscles and to break up scar tissue. The constant scraping of the muscles in the leg breaks down all the tightened muscles and frees up all stagnant blood. This helps with tightened muscles and offers a longer lasting cure for the pain than quick fix painkillers.  

The Gua sha leg therapy is also effective in helping relax the muscles which may have tightened up during the cause of workouts or sports. This tightening may lead to muscle pulls and strains, however, Gua sha treatment helps a lot with this pains.

Where Can I Get Gua Sha Leg Therapy?

Gua sha leg massage treatment is now available in Singapore at the Kuko Beauty. You don’t have to keep dealing with pains and aches, This does not only apply to your legs but other parts of the body as well. Whatever treatment you need, you can have at Kuko Beauty.

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