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We go about our daily chores not knowing we’re stiffening up certain head muscles. These muscles form a permanent knot that now poses a problem. In traditional Chinese medical practices, it’ll imply that there’s a blockage of the body’s vital force, “qi”. A simple Gua Sha head massage could help unblock this “qi”!

What Is Gua Sha And How Does It Work?

Gua Sha is an age-old Chinese medical practice that has been used to unblock this “qi” by improving blood circulation and freeing up tensed up muscles.

Gua Sha essentially uses a flattened tool made from bone, horn or gemstone to scrape a specific area, in this case, the head along the skin with precise amounts of pressure.

If your head feels swollen, it is most likely because of a clogged lymph. In this case, the therapist applies light pressure so that the lymph moves freely and drains toxins along with it. If the head pain is as a result of muscle/bone issues, the therapist applies slightly more pressure so that knotted up muscles can free up.

Your head discomfort could be as a result of both. Gua sha head treatment uses varying amounts of pressure is applied with a gua sha tool to the head to achieve the purpose of de-knotting muscles and freeing up clogged up lymph. Gua Sha facial is also performed during this process.

Where Can You Get Gua Sha Head Service?

At Kuko Beauty in Singapore, we have one of the best gua sha head therapy delivered by skilled and licensed Gua Sha therapists. We also offer the best discounts on a first time session.

What To Expect At A Gua Sha Head Service Session At Kuko Beauty

First, the ambiance at our salon ensures you’re in a state of calm. This is especially important as there has to be complete harmony with your body, mind, and soul for effective results.

Next, we do a detailed assessment to be sure you’re a right candidate for the head treatment therapy. If we certify all is okay, the therapy then begins.

What You Will Feel Afterwards

After a typical session, you’ll feel like a weight is off your head. This is due to improved blood circulation to previously starved areas in the head.

At Kuko, we usually advise you to stay off alcohol and overactivity. As anything that can impede the “qi” could alter the long-term benefits Gua Sha gives.

Sounds too good to be true right? Come now and book a session! Call 6634-8255 for further inquiries.

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