gua sha for face slimming

Gua Sha for Face Slimming Singapore

Gua Sha for face slimming has always been used to treat several conditions for a long time by the Chinese. Specifically, it has been used as a traditional medical solution. It is again beginning to gain popularity in the western world today. Gua Sha treatment is coming to fore again due to its natural therapeutic effects. It is even gaining more acceptance because it serves as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. The Gua Sha face slimming is one of the uses of the Gua Sha treatment.

Benefits of Gua Sha Face Slimming

There are several benefits to Gua Sha face slimming to our skin’s health. Generally, it gives a slim face with natural therapy. That is a rare thing these days. Consistent facial Gua Sha helps in the improvement of blood flow and relaxes the muscles in the face. This, in turn, promotes significant improvements in the health and appearance of our face, such as;

  • improves water level in the body
  • Lesser breakouts
  • Softer skin
  • eliminates stagnation of blood
  • activates and strengthens the immune system

The solution- Gua sha face Slimming

Gua sha for face slimming is a method of Chinese scrapping method but popularly called Gua Sha. The idea is that the skin is oiled and then lightly or moderately scraped across the surface of the affected area. The oiling is to allow the skin to feel well damped and well moisturized before using the Gua Sha, so the tool can glide over it easily.  This promotes breakage of surface adhesions, increase circulation of blood and improves skin tone. It also damages fat cells to promote a smooth skin appearance.

Next Step?

Do you want your skin to look healthier? Do you wish for a glowing skin? If you do, then the Gua Sha Face Slimming is for you. Gua Sha for face slimming in Singapore can help you develop a slim face with natural therapy. Get in touch with Kuko Beauty for your Gua Sha Face Slimming. We provide effective Gua Sha treatment to give you a slim and healthy looking face. Call 6634-8255 for further enquiries. Kuko Beauty also covers other services such as manicure, pedicure,  hair removal, nail treatment, and facial treatment.. Contact Kuko Beauty today

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