gua sha facial treatment

Gua Sha Facial Treatment Singapore

Initially, we enjoy firm and youthful skin but then over the years as we age, the skin begins to look saggy and floppy. The first call to combat this is most commonly a facelift surgery or derma filling injections. This procedure is invasive and quite expensive. One procedure that doesn’t need to go the whole mile to get the job done is a gua sha facial treatment procedure.

A Less Invasive Result-Guaranteed Technique

The Gua Sha is an ancient East Asian technique that uses a flat tool preferably made from a gemstone (jade or rose quartz).

“Gua” means scrape and “Sha” means sand which in this case denotes wastes or toxins. This technique involves applying specific pressure suited for the particular area being worked on.

Gua Sha facial treatment specifically involves applying unidirectional strokes along distinct lines and areas on the face. This area is called the meridian line (body’s life force). The facial treatment could be to treat acne, for a facelift or for face-slimming purposes.

How Gua Sha Treatment Works

It is essentially a facial scraping massage done along the meridian lines of the face.

Pressure application during a gua sha facial treatment is not as strong as that of when doing other body parts. The therapist applies light pressure for the sole purpose of freeing up stuck lymphatic fluids.

At  Kuko Beauty, we want to first make sure you’re suitable for this procedure. Afterward, these typical steps follow:

First, the therapist cleans the face and neck and then moisturizes with a carrier oil. At Kuko Beauty we ensure the oils used are free of allergens and best suited for your skin type. Also, the oil ensures a friction-less scraping during the procedure.

The therapist angles the gua sha tool very close to the face.  This ensures controlled pressure application across various points of the meridian line.

The therapist does a lot of repeated movements depending on how energy-starved or nutrient-starved a particular area is.

What To Expect Afterwards

After the session, you’re sure to feel a release of facial tension. Doing this procedure often evens out fine lines and wrinkles on the face, plumps up the face and improves overall skin complexion. This is because the process stimulates blood circulation.

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