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Gua Sha Facial Singapore

Most recently, what drives the cosmetic and dermatological world are the latest laser devices and chemical treatments. However, attention is lately shifting towards less invasive skin-improving techniques both on the therapist and clientele end.

One of such techniques is the Chinese Gua Sha facial.

The Gua Sha is an age-old Chinese skin-scraping massage which uses precise motions such that improved blood circulation to previously malnourished areas is possible.

What Really Does A Gua She Facial Entail?

“Gua” means scrape and “Sha” means sand which in this case, denotes toxins and waste materials.

A Gua Sha facial uses skin-scraping massage therapy on specific parts of the face to help dislodge stuck toxins and waste from these areas.

During this therapy, the therapist makes uses of a flat, smooth-edged tool known as the gua sha tool to scrape along oiled skin. He/She then scrapes in an upward sweeping motion across a specific area. The reason for oiling is so the scraping massage is frictionless.

What happens afterward is better microcirculation and an induction of minor hemorrhages. This translates into the stimulation of the body’s natural immune response which tricks the body into synthesizing new collagen. New collagen implies improved facial skin firmness and elasticity.

Additionally, during this therapy, the scraping action stimulates the lymphatic system to move lymph which carts away toxins. Doing this re-energizes the Qi- the body’s vital force.

Specific Areas Of The Face Or All Over The Face?

A Gua Sha facial can either be an all-inclusive facial treatment therapy or can be done with a special focus on specific areas of the face.

For whatever part of the face the therapist performs massage on, the same underlying principle applies. Only the amount of pressure application varies. Lighter pressure targets delicate areas like the eyes. More intense pressure targets for areas like the ears & temple region.

At Kuko Beauty, we have highly skilled therapists who are adept at performing professional Gua Sha facial services. We apply just the right kind of pressure to release knotted up qi!

Whatever area of your face that brings you discomfort generally, the Gua Sha skin scraping massage is most likely the lasting solution!

Safety And Associated Risks Of Gua Sha Facial

The Gua Sha is a low risk, non-invasive procedure. Due to the inducement of a minor hemorrhage during the skin-scraping therapy, the skin surface can appear red and inflamed. This, however, takes a few days to heal. Most therapists will usually object to doing this facial over broken skin or skin with lesions. This is because these are more susceptible to breaking during the gua sha process.

Also, this process although low-risk is not for everybody. We’d usually advise people with one or more of the following conditions against it:

  • Skin or Vein conditions
  • Haemophilia or Von Willebrand’s disease  
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Heart Implants
  • Active infections, wounds or tumors

Is Gua Sha Painful?

If we’re being honest, the aftermath of a Gua Sha session is not a pretty sight. But what it looks like is definitely not what it feels like.

Tiny rash-like hemorrhages cover the expanse of the skin where scraping therapy was performed. This is called petechiae.

At Kuko Beauty, we have specifically trained Gua Sha therapists. We also ensure we use the right kind of tool and pressure to give you a wholesome experience. These mini hemorrhages are therefore nothing to worry about as they disappear under 48-72 hours.

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