gua sha face lift

Gua Sha Face Lift Singapore

A face lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to create a younger appearance in your face. This reduces the sagging or folds of skin on the cheeks and jawline and other changes in the shape of your face that occur with age. Can you lift your face the natural way without surgery? Good news is that you absolutely can!  At Kuko Beauty, we provide skillful and professional facelift treatment with a natural Gua Sha Face Lift.

What is Gua Sha Face Lift

The Gua Sha has been used as a traditional medical solution. It is beginning to gain popularity in today’s world. Gua Sha treatment is coming to fore again due to its natural therapeutic effects. It is even gaining more acceptance because it serves as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. Gua Sha Face Lift is an alternative therapy that makes use of a blunt massage tool to scrape the skin. This basically helps improves blood circulation.

Benefits of Gua Sha Face Lift

The main objective of the Gua Sha Face Lift is to combat aging skin using a natural therapy. It helps to improve blood flow and relaxes the facial muscles. This promotes significant improvements in the health and appearance of our face such as;

•    Improving microcirculation.
•    Assisting the release of toxins
•    Combating aging skin by smoothing wrinkles.
•    Improving skin radiance and healthy appearance.
•    Reducing dark eye circles, puffy eyes, age spots, discolorations, and an overall dull complexion.

Next Step?

Do you want to prevent aging face? Do you wish for glowing skin? If you do, then the Gua Sha Face Lift is what you need. Gua Sha Face Lift in Singapore can give you a natural face-lift treatment. At Kuko Beauty, we provide skillful and professional face lift treatment with natural gua sha. We will give you an effective gua sha treatment to give you a healthy and radiant looking face. Call 6634-8255 for inquiries. Kuko Beauty also covers other services such as  hair removal, nail treatment, and facial treatment.. Contact Kuko Beauty today.

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