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Gua Sha Eye Treatment Singapore

You can have a gua sha therapy for the neck, head, shoulders and even the face! But did you know you can have a gua sha therapy for your eyes? Yes! It’s a gua sha eye treatment.

A lot of the stress we go through daily give themselves away from looking at the eyes. Usually, this reveals itself in eye puffiness, droopy eyelids and dark circles. All these symptoms have a simple underlying reason- improper drainage of lymph around the eyes.

The most common combative practice has been the age-old use of cucumber slices over the eyes. However, recent studies have proven that results perceived from using cucumber slices are in the mind as it’s just a placebo treatment. It doesn’t tackle the root cause which is fluid retention due to clogged lymph around the eyes.

Because of how delicate the area around the eyes is, there’s a justified hesitation to want to opt for invasive alternatives to aid lymph-drainage from around the eyes. As a result, most people settle for the age-long cucumber technique and trick their minds into believing it actually works.

You might want to check out something non-cucumber related that actually works! – The Gua Sha Eye treatment.

What Is The Gua Sha Eye Treatment About?

Gua Sha eye treatment is also known as Eyes Bo Jin treatment. It is a traditional Chinese medical practice that uses a jaded tool to perform gentle scraping therapy around the eyes. Resultantly, what you get is de-stressed skin around the eyes and better blood circulation.

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What Does A Typical Eyes Bo Jin Treatment Entail At Kuko Beauty?

We do all our therapies under controlled and serene environment to ensure you are completely relaxed during the process.

The therapist thoroughly cleanses and moisturizes your whole face with a well-suited face oil. This oil ensures friction-less scraping in the area around the eyes.

Using the angled part and in one direction, the therapist uses the gua sha tool to upwardly scrape the skin around the eyes and the brows. Our therapists know how to apply just the right amount of pressure to an area this delicate.

Next, the therapist uses a rod-like jaded tool to glide around the temple, brow area and eye area close to the nose bridge.

The session then ends with a short, hand massage over areas that were previously scraped.

At the end of the gua sha eye treatment session, you’re sure to feel as though a burden is off your head because of the loosening up of the eye and facial muscles.

How Often Do I Need To Do The Gua Sha Treatment?

As often as you can manage to.

After a few sessions at Kuko Beauty, our therapists put you through how you can safely go about self-administration without harm to you.

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When you do this treatment often, eventually, the overall appearance of the eye area greatly improves.

No more puffiness, crow’s feet, or droopy eyelids! Call 6634-8255 to enquire now!

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