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Gua Sha Back Massage Singapore

What is The Gua Sha Back Treatment?

Gua Sha Back Massage is a treatment aimed at reducing the congestion that builds up in the back in form of muscle pains and tightening. The Gua Sha Back Massage relieves areas of the back which have bundled muscles knots. The Gua Sha back treatment involves the use of special ox horn, jade etc to perform scraping motions which help relieve areas of tension in the body.

Why Do I Need The Gua Sha Treatment?

Individuals who suffer from intense back pains usually take to painkillers to relieve their aches and pains. These painkillers however only have temporal effects on the body, and their users usually have to change the drugs so often because they grow a tolerance for them. Imagine if there was an alternative treatment for back aches and pains that had a longer lasting effect on the body. A treatment that was as relieving as it was healing. The Gua Sha Back Massage Treatment has both healing and relieving qualities. Gua Sha treatment has been proved to have longer lasting healing effects on the body.  

How Does The Treatment Work?

The Gua Sha Back Massage Treatment involves the use of carefully practiced stroke to spread circulation. The word ““Gua means to scrape or scratch,” and this is what the process involves exactly. The back treatment is administered by professionals who make use of the special instruments to massage deep into back tissue. Intense scraping is applied to the back in longer and shorter strokes. This depends on the mass of the area affected. The effect of this is a minor bruising which has the sensation of bleeding. However, there is no bleeding involved.

For older individuals, the Gua sha treatment sure to have a longer lasting effect in providing pain relief and loosening muscles in the back.

Where Can I Get The Gua Sha Treatment?

The Gua Sha Back Massage treatment is available for interested customers in Singapore at the Kuko beauty salon. We offer the most experienced professional for treatments for legs, neck and the likes of such at very fair and reasonable prices.

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