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Gua Sha Acne Singapore

One of the most common skin problems that plague you right after puberty is acne. The underlying cause for this could be hormonal imbalances, unhealthy skin practices or stress.

There’s a bulk load of on-the-web natural and chemical remedies for acne. Some work only for a short while before the acne comes back worse than it was initially. Others work to make acne worse or there’s just no change at all.

One remedy you’ll very rarely hear of is a skin-scraping therapy called Gua Sha.

What Is Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha has its origins from traditional East Asian medical practices. It is a skin-scraping technique that uses a flat tool made of horns, bones or gemstones.

“Gua” means scrape and “Sha” means sand. The sand here denotes the toxins and waste material that is “scraped” off.

During a gua sha acne procedure, the pressure applied during the scraping massage process stimulates improved blood circulation. In the process, the lymph carts off toxins posing problems to the face to the lymphatic nodes where drainage then takes place.

How Does Gua Sha Help With Acne?

An overactivity of the sebum gland beneath hair follicles causes acne. Excess sebum coupled with dead skin cells clogs up the pores. This triggers an inflammatory reaction which manifests as a raised lesion on the skin that is now called acne.

During a gua sha facial treatment, the gua sha tool is used to perform unidirectional strokes across precise meridian lines on the face. These strokes, with specific pressure, aids lymph drainage of waste material off clogged pores. Which in this case, are sebum and dead skin cells.

The gua sha acne procedure involves the application of measured pressure across specific points on the face. This could particularly sound grisly when done on an acne-ridden face.  

At Kuko Beauty, we have trained therapists armed with the perfect maneuvering skills needed for this especially daunting procedure. We also ensure we sterilize all our gua sha tools properly to guarantee your safety.

Above, are real-time testimonies of the effectiveness of this procedure for acne!

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It is not even hard to see that the Gua Sha is not a procedure that offers just a single benefit. For whatever you’re using Gua Sha for, you’re sure to get the extra benefits that come with it.

Beyond the body, Gua Sha has far-reaching effects on the mind and soul. Because this procedure releases bound qi, there is a feeling of oneness between the body, mind, and soul. The procedure releases facial tension and speeds up the body detoxification process.

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