Eye Treatment

Apart from treating the face with great precision. Our eyes make up a huge percentage of our entire face as well. For eye treatment our experienced therapists will analyze eye area with specific solutions coming from different needs. Eyebag, eye wrinkles,
Skin around our eyes are thinner than our facial skin on other areas. Needs specific essence for higher absorption of nutrients, and we use more of our eye area other any other parts of the face for daily functions. Extra care for our eyes done regularly can prevent aging on eyes

Treatment Services

Deep cleansing massage with eye cream, luxurious relaxing eye mask to end off the treatment with a soothing state of mind.

This treatment utilizes stem cell extracts to awaken and boost the cells deep within the skin, allowing the caviar, whitening complex peptide and hyaluronic acid to penetrate and transform your skin around the eye area. Looking younger, brighter and more radiant.

Expect skin on the eyes area to be more smooth using the stem cell eye mask, supple and soft. Pumps up the skin visibly radiant and hydrated. Wrinkles are diminished getting a younger and more youthful look.

Helps with anti aging and firming up skin, reduces wrinkle and keeps the thin layer of skin around our eyes moist. Additional whitening effect with cell regeneration from the essence by the collagen nutrients absorbed during the treatment. Highly efficient in diluting dark circles. A perfect treat for rejuvenation and advance whitening.

Helps with dark circle reduction right after the treatment, allowing better blood circulation towards the eye area. Using traditional skilled techniques, reduces wrinkle and improving on eyesight. Enhancing not just on aesthetics but on the overall health standards of our eyes wellbeing.